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I am blessed to have the gifts of clairsentience, (sensing); clairaudience (hearing); clairvoyance (seeing). These are gifts that have been bestowed upon from me since birth. These gifts have helped me in my own life and have given me the opportunity to help others. I’m grateful to be able to bring comfort and peace of mind to my clients.


A calm quiet environment supports my work in receiving and I use the images and sounds that come to me to get in tune with your energy, and when that is done, information is revealed to me via guides, angels and/ or friends or family members that have passed on. In the realm of the spirits, many things are revealed in order to help you through your tough times and these include money, romance, career and many other life issues.


 Doing psychic medium readings is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. While I cannot solve your problems for you, I can give you knowledge that can help you make good choices in the future.


Sessions are done

in person or long distance via Skype/Messenger video


Session Rates:

Regular Individual :


  • $50 for an 1hr                                      $5  for every 1/2 hour after initial  session 

  • Group/Family  Session​                   $90/1.5 hr 

  • College Students (currently enrolled):  Special Rate = $30.00


Individuals experiencing financial hardship, contact me for a short-term “pay-what-you-can” rate

Vibrant Soul

 Care for Mind ,Body, and Spirit

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